Artigeardit “Lov Mig 1 Ting”
Music video

Directed by VIDA
DoP: Christian Kirkeby
Producer: Anders Villemann
Editing & Color: Christian Kirkeby     

In "Lov Mig 1 Ting" Artigeardit plays the role of a mafioso who, along with his partner in crime “Donna”, a big muscular woman with a craving for expensive jewelry, Cuban cigars, Italian textiles and a penchant for dogs, is out to collect money from mortgage lenders who have not paid their debt on time. Ardit and Donna are seen driving through town in an old Benz, all while relaxed but carefully planning how to blackmail the next customer. With them they have their 2 bulky dogs Prego and Pronto who after years of hard training have developed into a pair of deadly weapons. They arrive at Nordhavn, where a massacre must now take place. For normal people traumatizing. For Ardit and Donna another day at the office.

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